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Sasha Soybean Tee - MOCO Candles

Sasha Soybean Tee - Preorder

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Size Small

Only 6 left in stock

Preorders will ship no later than the first week of July.

Original artwork by MOCO Candles. Small batch screen printed in Indianapolis, Indiana on blanks that are sourced in the USA from a company that is sustainable, prioritizes a low carbon footprint, and made by workers who are paid fair wages. Keep in mind, we purchase slightly imperfect perfect blanks (such as tiny holes, minor markings or spec issues) to save them from landfill.

  • High neck
  • Black (semi-distressed) water-based ink
  • Off-White colored tee
  • 100% Recycled Cotton
  Body Length Chest Width Sleeve Length
XS 261/2 in. 17 in. 77/8 in.
S 271/2 in. 19 in. 81/8 in.
M 281/2 in. 21 in. 83/8 in.
L 291/2 in. 23 in. 85/8 in.
XL 301/2 in. 25 in. 87/8 in.
MOCO Candles

Soy Wax. Hand-Poured. Eco-Conscious.

Eco-friendly candles for eco-friendly people.

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