Our clean burning candles are made from 100% domestic soy wax derived from USA-grown soy beans.

Other candles on the market contain parrafin wax -- derived from petroleum/crude oil.


We source from several highly regarded global fragrance brands to formulate our signature scents. Our fragrance oils are derived from high quality phthalate-free synthetic ingredients. Our synthetic fragrances are all non-toxic.

There are several reasons why we choose to use synthetic fragrances. Certain natural fragrance compounds can actually be quite un-sustainable... using massive quantities of plant materials to produce minute amounts of essential oils. Additionally, synthetic fragrances allow us to formulate infinite possibilities! Whereas natural fragrances limit you to what you can find in nature.


We only use renewable cotton core natural wicks, as opposed to wicks with tin or aluminum cores.

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As we grow, we continue to implement new and improved sustainable business practices. We always strive to be as close to zero waste as possible. Waste created by our production of goods is recycled (yes, even stuff that traditionally isn't recycled) through the TerraCycle program.


We refrain from using plastic when shipping orders. We only use cardboard boxes, kraft paper, dissolvable organic starch packing peanuts, and paper tape. All of these materials are recyclable and biodegradable.

We also ship carbon neutral! That means we calculate an estimate of all of the emissions that are created from shipping (based on distance traveled by shipping trucks) and we pay to offset those emissions. We are a Millenium Member of Planet, a third-party app that neutralizes our shipping emissions and funds a small portion of nature-based carbon removal options and mostly funds innovative solutions such as ocean-based removal and direct air capture.

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