Cactus Blossom Room Spray - 4 oz - MOCO Candles

Cactus Blossom Room Spray - 4 oz

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MOCO Candles products are produced from concept to final execution and delivery with consciousness for the environment with zero waste being the goal always!

All of the waste we create from production gets shipped to TerraCycle® where it is responsibly recycled.

Orders are shipped with recycable materials, never plastic!

We also have a jar send back program where you can send back your empty jars and save 30% off a future purchase!

How to Use

Spray these fine fragrance mists in any room and or use them to refresh and deodorize linens! Just a couple sprays is all you need.


MOCO Candles room sprays are made with an exclusive blend of room spray base and premium phthalate free fragrance oils. Our room sprays are made in small batch and are always cruelty-free and contain no added dyes or chemicals.